Alan Wake achievement ?

I just got a achievement called "It’s Not Just a Typewriter Brand (20) QWERTY? DVORAK? 50 Taken know it’s neither" I know it has something to do with a shotgun but I cant figure what I did to earn it.


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Nah man you made perfect sense, thank you :) Its a really good game and I cant get over how great the game looks.Some parts are near life real its amazing it looks this good and runs so smooth.I love the combat too,it feels good for some reason.

Sorry that might not have been clear. Let's say you to get 49 shotgun kills in your first game. If you get one more in your next game, you get the achievement. When you start a new game on a different difficulty, even your coffee collectibles transfer.

All of the achievements like that are cumulative, even if it's a new game.  That includes collectibles.  There's a page somewhere in the game that shows your stats.  I found it pretty useful for getting certain achievements.

Ahh ,thnx :)

You defeated 50 taken with a shotgun.