Air Warfare Ribbon

Looking for a good pilot that will help me get this ribbon once, it is the last one i need and for the life of me i cannot find anyone who can let me gun for them, if anyone is interested please send me a message over Xbox live or on this.

Thanks very much.


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I am a really good pilot. im sure your talking about the helicopter right? lol My GT. is     Sniper Lullaby

i have alot unlocked for it and will gladly help you out.

just wait for patch you'll be invincible

I thought air warefare ribbon was awarded for air to air combat.

Nope, just 6 kills in a round with air vehicles.

Why not just learn to fly?

i thought this one would be hard to get but it's not too hard just keep flying

Paitence. If you keep flying, eventually you will get one.

yeah the choppers are just this side of indestructible....their only weakness "Pilot Error".....otherwise pretty much nothing can really hurt 'em.....oh they can be "disabled" but that just means it flys away safely under perfect control and repairs...not sure what's actually "disabled" when you "disable" a helo, but it sure isn't the engine, or flight controls or anything important

I dont find the AH(choppers) to be invincible! The only time I feel invincible is when nobody is focused on me while in the chopper. When being locked, I get out of dodge! Once the chopper is disabled if your to close to the ground when hit, the chopper will lose control and bounce the ground. It also drifts sideways goes very slow giving them time to get another lock on you. And if your limping away to repair and land to hard you go boom. It just takes team work to bring them down. What pisses me off being in the chopper is somebody flying the jet into me! I get badluck and teamkill my gunner while the ahole flys away unscathed!