Air Superiority so good but so frustrating

I mainly play this game mode because it's so fun but this mode could be epic if they changed a couple of things. 1. How comes I can get a direct hit with 2 heat seekers on a plane then the plane I just hit suicides into a mountain. No points deducted for them and zero credit to me apart from a few vehicle hit points. 2. The length of this game seriously needs to be 2 or 3 times longer. As soon as these games are getting interesting the game finishes. Please fix this. I love this game mode.

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How how on earth is air superiority fun when all you hear is beeeep beep beep??

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I know what you mean actually.  Being constantly locked on to does get annoying but it gets easier when you unlock stealth coating and jammers.  This game mode just needs a few issues sorted and I'm sure lots more people would play it.