Air Repair?

Since when could an AH-64 Apache and a MI-28 Havoc repair its self in the air? 

My tracer Darts are completely useless against these choppers cause they can just repair it off in the air while circle strafing. 

Ive been seeing players do this in multiple games and its getting annoying. 


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They aren't repairing the tracer off. They're using smokes and I use it all the time when I pilot while having my squad mates/friends use vehicle armor. It is possible to repair in flight but you have be getting it at the right spot to do so. Been possible since the early BF titles if I remember right.

Its VSmoke perk. Alows you to "remove" tracer darts XD

Really? i did not know that cause i never really pay attention to the vehicle perks since i'm always on foot 

thanks for the replies but i still think they should put stingers in the game tho

I think you can repair in the air with the black hawk I think I remember doing it.

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You can also repair in the havoc in the backseat.