AimBots and likely.....


Am not the very best FPS player myself, but i have to say there ARE Aimbots and hacked games in ALL consoles, Xbox 360 included, ask youngsters, go look on you tube, and you'll see how these players ruin games for dedicated competetive players.... NO harm to think one is in a hacked game because it happens in ALL games.


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n order to hack on the xbox you need to have a J-Tag.

This is a hardware piece installed on your motherboard of your Xbox 360 console that uses NAND to run external console commands throughout your xbox.

You can do this within game but it is quite complicated.

Although hacking is possible, it requires an xbox that is compatible with J-Tag.

Xbox has amazing security within xbox live and it is quite hard to bypass.

About 60 percent of the time you will be banned on xbox live. This means your account will be banned, and you console will be banned. Not always,and now wit hthe new jtag hacks if xbox is gonna do a sweep to detect it will automatically shut your xbox off. I researched i have the proof,and if i was able to post the site with the hacks working i would. go google it. Next time you want to prove someone wrong show proof and not your lame brained opinion.

Me and my nephew play against aimbots in several different games, over a very long time span.  When we play a game, we are often referred to as aimbot users because of our style.  I use high sensitivity, and know all the maps well in many games.  Have been playing for decades, I just know how to play and so do many others.  I have not come across any aimbot users.  You are just a noob, trying to find an excuse for your suckness!!!

So where is this overwhelming proof you have? As of today Google and Bing give no results for any online multiplayer mods or cheats. There are plenty for zombies and offline gameplay, but nothing for online. Treyarch so far has done a great job at keeping this game legit.


Now there may be a lag switch user here and there but that is something that neither Treyarch nor MS can control as it is used at the players end. Should you encounter one of these people be sure to file a complaint against them for system tampering/cheating to both MS and Treyarch. If you don't know what a lag switch is Google it.


I have been playing this game since release and have yet to encounter any glitches, cheats or mods online.

You fail, you think you have all the answers but show no proof to back it up. *** show me it is pc show I am wrong. Jtag still works as well as other hacks, While you are at it why don't you get on your knees and service the microsoft executives, pole smoker.

Here we go again......


[quote user="Riven57"]

Treyarch turns a blind eye when it comes to bad language, bad inappropriate gamer images.


Its rated M for mature, which means that if somebody wants to use bad language and have inappropriate drawings, they are free to. Not saying I am condoning it or anything but why put the rating on it?

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[quote user="Riven57"]

Oh please your statement is crap…type in Black ops aimbot methods and you will get a fits full of you tube cheaters using aimbot method.[/quote]

I did that. I typed in 'Black Ops aimbot for Xbox 360' and you know what it returned? Tons of websites offering and claiming to have an aimbot for Black Ops but no actual video proof of it being used on an Xbox 360 in an online multiplayer match. Not one. I even went as far as to check youtube with the same results. So if you have some proof that isn't somehow found by Google or Youtube then please, by all means, show us.

[quote user="Riven57"]

You people must be blind to really make black ops and other COD gamer without cheaters stop allowing Xbox to be hooked up to peoples computer by doing so you are asking to be hacked and many, many do hack BO in multiplayer.[/quote]

No they don't. I have played this game in both Core and Hardcore since its release and I have yet to see a single mod/cheat being used online. And I play just about every day at different times for more than a few hours. So if these so called mods/cheats were as rampant as you claim, I and many others would have seen them by now.

[quote user="Riven57"]

I haven’t played the game in months for this very reason and I love COD but not the junk that comes with it.[/quote]

If you haven't played this game in months then how can you come in here and claim that there are mods/cheats actively being used in it?

[quote user="Riven57"]

Remember, Microsoft encourages modders and cheaters in games for windows by giving the gamer cheat tools, Treyarch turns a blind eye when it comes to bad language, bad inappropriate gamer images. If Treyarch really want a good game they should reach out to gamers like me who would put in the time playing the game hours worth but not when there is a host full of garbage players doing all sort of things from glitches to modding the game or tricking out their systems with enhance PC programs to reach those magical numbers…No One is that Good ![/quote]

This is XBL and the Xbox console we are discussing, not Games for Windows. PC players have tools available to them provided by the Game Developer to do certain things in the game. Things that are not common in console gaming. Since we are on the Xbox forum please keep the discussion related to the console. If you wish to talk about PC related games and/or issues then head on over to the Games for Windows forums.

MS does not encourage, condone nor tolerate modding/cheating of any kind on the console. Proof of that can be seen in the My Live Account was Suspended forum, where this month alone they have permanently banned over 300 players for hosting, advertising and/or participating in modded lobbies in the previous Call of Duty titles. There have been no bans for Black Ops mods because there are none. Treyarch has been keeping their game mod/cheat free since release.

And Treyarch has been banning players for having inappropriate content in their emblems. Do some of them slip through the cracks? Sure, but that is why they gave us, the community, an in-game reporting tool. We just need to use it.

[quote user="Riven57"]

If you are give me your name and enter into the real live COD game and I’ll write you a blank check …. Wake up people this world is a digital, technology world anything electronic including Xbox is able to be hacked …. Once you accept this real world idea the better you will be in BO.[/quote]

If Xbox Live could be hacked it would have been done by now. And Black Ops is looking like it isn't going to be hacked anytime soon either as there are no active mods/cheats for the online multiplayer yet for the Xbox 360. Unless of course you have proof of that somewhere.

there are no MP aimbots in this game.

maybe you should wear dead silence so my surround sound doesn't hear you?

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