aim assist problem??

i have the aim assist disabled&have checked several times to confirm question/problem is when i get someone in my crosshairs&shoot my weapon(no matter which one) pulls away from the is becoming quite frustrating and would appreciate any possible solutions someone may have. thank you and apologize if this is some menial problem easily resolved.


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Sure that's not just recoil you're experiencing?

This could be caused by the kick back of the gun that you use. Or you could be moving when you are firing, I was having this problem and noticed that my controller needed to be replaced.

Aim assist is there to help you stay on target.

Joysticks are very imprecise and it's difficult to stay on target when you turn it off.  Unless you're very good at the game you're going to have more difficulty playing with it off than on.

You may want to check your right thumbstick. I have a problem with mine where it gives input to move to the right. It is very minute, but I can see it very clearly when viewing my loadout screen, where you can see your character. It very slowly rotates counterclockwise. Since I try very hard not to move my view when I ADS, (I try to strafe only) this has caused me to lose some gunfights. Check yours out.

use aim assist on black ops everyone else does so you will have a big disadvantage if u dont use it..i put my aim assist on and i win nearly every game also makes up for the lag a bit

Aim assist works only in single player mode.

Its target assist you want to enable/disable for multiplayer..


I've disabled it in the past for the problem you are talking about.


It did help in some cases, but overall I like it better on............

Its really not all that bad though with it off.


I play hc mode .......

Target assist off made me get less first snap-on type hits, but I could actually fine tune my aim better without it.

That's my prob with SMG's I get that first shot, but when I try to follow the target, somehow I can't no matter how high my sensitivity is. If I pull too hard I just spin around. Maybe I should try playing with it off? I need to be able to lead a target because of lag sometimes. I can even see in the final kill that the shots aren't lining up, due to lag on some hosts.

I think the issue this guy is having is the auto-aiming pulling ahead of the target as if the guy going to run into the [not so slow] bullets.

This is most evident if you're aiming right around a corner and an enemy shows up. The best way to stop this is to aim a bit off the corner and then adjust yourself instead of reacting to the auto-aim which can really hurt you.

Also guy who strafes back and forth often usually baffles the system leaving your aiming way off.

It's an incredibly annoying thing especially when it happens to your launchers; complete waste especially if it make you slam a rocket in the wall in front of you thereby causing suicide.

 I noticed in one particular match that I was having an issue with this.

I watched the theater playback closely to try to understand what was going on, I found it was all with one particular guy ..........

On the occasions where I did kill him, I was strafing, and my hitmarkers were nowhere near his body, even further away than my aim was being pushed off.

It was like the target assist was compensating, and sticking my aim half way between the guy and his hitbox..

This could possibly be why I cant pull onto the target , it may actually be in the opposite direction of what I think it is.