AI marines will aid us in Firefight


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The King of Firefight doesn't need NPCs to survive. The NPCs need the King of Firefight to survive.

For the love of god, don't let them drive...

Well thats nice. I mean as long as we can turn them off. The last thing I nead is some non-spartan steeling my kills.

LOL this could be interesting. now i could take out my rage on them for stealing my kills.

I cant wait

Definitely a cool new feature I want to check out. This doesn't mean they'll be worth a damn. We shall see...  We wouldn't want/need this option if  we could host/join random games. They haven't had a Halo game that had that simple option. One that every other game seems to think is an important one.  That's my biggest criticism with the series. It just doesn't favor co-op and firefight longevity.

LOL.  In every single Halo game I don't allow them to have the keys.  When I do, it's a fun experiment to see how fast they will drive us to our doom.  Clearly the majority of soldiers in the Halo games are drunk.