AI Defence Is Terrible

As the subject say's the AI defence is absolutely horrible now hear me out before y'all jump on my back and start saying how bad i am or what not. The reason i say the AI is bad is because me and my team mates just don't understand how our AI defence can be so bad and just stand around and do nothing and let the other team walk in the offensive zone and shoot from where ever but in the meantime the other team's AI defence is absolutely perfect they block shots, they basically come up to you while your in their offensive zone and poke check you, check you into the boards and do everything so my question is why or what is their AI defence doing that makes them so good and our AI defence so freaking horrible.


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My club has the same problem. They do nothing to stop the onslaught of cross crease passes that the other team inevitably bases their entire offensive scheme on. They are incapable of making a hard, accurate pass when one of us is wide open in transition, and rather than move the puck quickly when they pull it out of the corner, they just initiate board play on themselves leaving the attackers free to come and poke it away and whip it across the crease for a tap-in.

Simple, just get a D-man or two.Problem solved.

No Squeeblers problem not solved i don't have friends on my friends list who play hockey all that much and those that do don't play online and only play offline and i'm not about to message some stranger online and ask if he/she wants to be on the team i shouldn't have to i mean how hard is it for EA to fix the AI defence it shouldn't be hard at all.

Hey Serial, remember you said this?

"I love how you people complain about this game i  mean give it a break already the game has only been out a week give them some freakin' time to put out a patch or a tuner or something geesh! y'all like a bunch of men on the rags & ya just can't control your rages. Now that's all said and done i find nothing wrong with this game sure the game could use a little fixer upper here & there but i expected there to be problems in the 1st couple of weeks of the release but instead of raging about it i'm willing to wait for the patch to come out or tuner unlike the rest of you Hormone infested pansy's who want everything to be perfect right out of the box!."

Yeah don't expect EA to be fixing this, they didn't fix NHL 08, 09, 10 or 11.  They did very little to 10 which is why I think it's solid, they f'd up 09 with their last patch (during playoffs) and didn't do enough with 11.  What makes you think they'll do anything with 12?

I don't expect them to do anything to be honest with ya but i can keep on wishing can't I lol?