Agree/Disagree: Halo is no longer important ?

Halo might have been (to some) the most important game a few years ago, the games still sell and have a legion of followers.

But Ive been thinking for some time now that the game as a series and as a driving force for its genre (First Person Shooters) seems to have been diminished and replaced by other games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

I remember when people talked about the "Halo killer" no one talks about that these days, instead we have discussions between Call of Duty and Battlefield.



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No games is "important" If were going by sheer amount of players. World of warcraft would be the king of gaming. you should ask if it still releveant. Yes, it is.

Apart from the fact that Halo is limited to Xbox with the exception of Halo2 being on PC, CoD and BF are bigger because they are multiplatform.

Other than that, I have no real opinion on the matter.

Only my personal opinion and do not speak for anyone else but Halo did many things right in the FPS genre, but any day of the week I would take a military shooter over a sci-fi shooter.  Sci-fi shooters are just too ''imaginary'' for me, they are fun to play but to mow someone down with a weapon that actually exists is win.

I think that Halo is key to the Xbox as it is one of our few exclusive series. PS3 has Uncharted, God of War, Killzone etc while we have Halo, Forza and Gears of War.

I would say that Halo is still very much important but I could see why many think it wouldn't be. Possible oversaturation with ODST and Reach and now extending the series to another Trilogy as well as the Anniversary edition.

I had Halo 3 and hated it.  A good friend gave me Halo Reach and I liked it.  But it's a "meh" series to me. 

Halo just hasn't been the same for me after Halo 2. I'll still stay loyal to the franchise because I love the story but I've lost my excitement for the MP.

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No where near as important or as good as it was during the Halo: CE and H2 days.

Shame too, b/c it was one of the greatest FPS franchises ever at it's prime.  It just hasn't been anywhere near as good during this gen.

Sure I want Halo 4 to be great, but im not holding my breath.

It never was important to me.To the success of the Xbox francnhise, it was vital. Now, to anyone other than it's devoted fans, I think it's pretty much a has-been, clinging to former glory.

I joined the Halo franchise with Halo 3 and to me both 3 and Reach have been ALOT more enjoyable than recent COD/Battlefield games.

Lmao, Question the forums when Halo 4 is released and you will see that Halo is still relevent

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