Agent or GTA V?

So couple of alot of months ago i read something about a video game which are going to be released by R* North.-Agent

I havent heard any news about this since then,and now im getting worried,which one is supposed to be released first,Agent or Gta V?

Cause if they are going to release Agent first,they should release it really soon,cause there are always 2-3 months between releases from the same publisher/companies,i dont know exactly how many months,but some time to sell as many copies as possible before next release...

Anyway,if they release agent now,could that mean they delay GTA V?

Sorry for my weird english,but i think youll understand my question...



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The last edit of the Wikipedia article for 'Agent' (which also includes the source before anyone jumps down my throat) debunks any sort of notable progress with the titles, which has been in production since 2007.

So, it's safe to assume that technically, Agent hasn't yet been announced, whereas GTA V has, and even has accompanying screenshots to go with it.

Agent is far, far away from release, and I would bet my lifes income on it being released AFTER GTA V in any sense.

Don't be worried. As of right now, seeing as GTA V has been billed for a Spring release, GTA V is an almost completely finished game, whereas Agent is more than likely nothing more than a collection of polygons and photographs.

GTA V will come first. 


Their website says it's only for Playstation..

Which is more anticipated?


GTA V > Agent

[quote user="LegendOfGta"]

Which is more anticipated?


GTA V > Agent


Similarly, GTA V or a wet-fish across the face? 



Nope; that was pretty good.