Age of Apocalypse is recruiting!

If you're looking for a laidback clan that can get competitive, then we're the clan for you! Age of Apocalypse has been around for almost 4 years and we are looking for ACTIVE social members 16+ that are mature, chill, laidback and enjoys hanging with friendly people and having fun. We do have a gamebattles for those that are competitive and are seeking more than a casual game with members. And those on our MW3 Gamebattles team are decent and play to win but you wont catch them starting problems with the other team. Thats how we like it. :)

If interested in joining you get a couple weeks "recruit" period where we all can get to know you and see how you fit in with everyone and such then you are initiated. Which is basically a knife fight with the rest of our members. We make it personal to show that you are a valued member in our clan and we wont ever be a huge clan, and we have no desire to be. The max we would allow is around 50 and we have 32 members so far. Most of which have been with us for a few years now. We do have a website with forums, a twitter page and a facebook group and we are working on an app for later on.

If you want a friendly clan full of people that have a great personalities and always have you laughing when you log off, then look no farther. Give us a shot and if we arent for you, no hard feelings but I know friends will be made and with most clans its not about friendship, its about numbers. We are after quality not quantity. Please feel free to post here or msg me. If you're interested just post here or msg myself (I'm Co-Leader) or the clan leader on xbox AoA ORiGiN M   Thanks and see you all out there!


We do NOT recruit based on k/d - We care more about how you act and socialize more than how well you play.

We do NOT have "Try Outs" - Again its not about how well you play, its more of how well you act towards people.

Not looking for "loners" - Please dont request to joing if you rather play alone than with members

We play a variety of games - Therefore may not be on the same game every single night. So if you are looking for a clan that plays specific game, we might not be the clan for you.

Games We Play

Call of Duty 4

World at War


Black ops

Fable 3


Gears of War 3

Red Dead Redemption


Halo Reach

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Street Fighter 4

Saints Row 3

Battlefield 3

Dead Island

Forza Motorsports 4

Fifa 12

Assassins Creed: Revelations

A Variety of Multiplayer Arcade Games including Full House Poker for upcoming Poker nites :D

Age of Apocalypse

"Together as one we fight to survive"


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Hit me up if interested :) we have cookies




can i add u as a friend and start playing?

ill join