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No below radar fix? What a joke.

Or "above the map" on Metro.  More pointless weapons tweaking.  The T-88 is not a viable option to the M249 because it fires too bloody slow so tweaking the recoil won't do anything.

Not that it had much reecoil to begin with mind you, it's just weak.  Only crazy people like me take it to war.

Almost forgot about aftermath. Sucks it's not out until the 4th though

This is freaking awesome news, yes another update!!!   Ok, so we are all  straight.....Game drops....Huge nerf with most weapons . Then a buff cause they nerfed too much. Then another buff cause the recoil was too low. Then a nerf casue the recoil was now to high. Then a map fix then another buff.

Then the new maps n guns came out....nerf that nasty Famas and of course added some more kick to shut up all the cry babies. Plus nerfed any weapon that could kill aircraft. Then another nerf of any rocket that could kill ground soldiers. Then a buff of ground to air missles cause they nerfed them too much. Then the tanks get nerfed of course who wants a tank to kill a soldier on  the ground.

Then OMG that dreaded M4 must be nerfed then buffed AGAIN!. Oh we haven't effed with the m16...NERF IT

And of course .............Don't forget that nasty infared scope we used to have. Oh, we still have it its just totally usless like the other 165 scopes I have.

This game and DICE have become a total joke.  Come PLay ALL the guns are exaclty the same. Most soldiers are in corners or up on cabnets for easy killing. No lag. Vehicles are awesome to look at but don't try to get in one. There are more Helicopters in the air then in Irag. Stuff popping up all over the place you spend more time dazed and confused then killing peeps.

The state of FPS is really sad right now.  This is what Battlefield MC has become ???

Im buying the new 2012 UNO !!! FTW!

I'm going out on a limb and buying Far Cry 3.....probably suck, but here's hoping

Was looking forward to that below radar fix... :(

Not many of these changes are all that necessary.

The gunship was already pretty much a death trap. The ONLY redeeming quality was that it could kill if you could keep it alive from practically everything, jets, choppers, stingers, AA, rocket trucks, etc. Now, the gun will be useless and you wont be able to see anything, so it will really be pointless. Good thing I didnt really like the AK maps.


And yet another round of weapon changes that are pointless and unessecary. Cant they just leave the goddamn game alone? Sooo sick of this crap. Exactly what feedback are they listening to? Because any player I know HATES these updates...

I wish they would take out the AC-130. Armored Kill would be close to B2K for the best maps in the game if it weren't for that stupid thing. But I avoid the maps primarily because of the gunship.

The game has been out a year now.  There is NO REASON to *** around with the weapons.

Does anyone give a crap if the T-88 is a viable alternate to the M249?  Does hip fire on a LMG no one uses matter?

Half this stuff getting tweaked isn't even used anyway.  The only people I see using the PP-2000 are level 10 newbs so why wouuld it matter if it needs to be speperated from the UMP-45 which also isn't seen that often?

I think a few weapon tweaks are ok... there aren't really any terribly OP weapons anymore (other than the stinger) but there are some which are just garbage, and no one uses them. For example the T88. But there is also a lot of stuff in there where you just think... Wtf is this going to do?

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