After going back to Gears 2 for a couple of games ( Stopped playing the beta now, left it on a good game ) I realised how good Gears 3 is and that I cannot wait for the 20th september.... Just sayin....


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Cool story bro. Anything else you wanna say?

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Cool story bro. Anything else you wanna say?




Yea, ur crown upsets me more than words can describe...and ur gamer tag is terrible!! REPORTED!!!

:'( :'( I will change my gamerpic and gamertag asap.


Oh God... I don't want to be rusty when the full game comes out, but I'm totally scared to go back to Gears 2...

Don't be scared you can hold my hand. Btw I agree with your signature.

Yeah, GOW3 was a breath of fresh air and I cant wait for Sep 20th to roll around, in the mean time I've got one of friends into GOW3 that always said he hated this game due to lag yet now he seems to like the game alot.  With that said I'll be playing coop story mode via GOW1 and GOW2.  Good times.l  

the only reason im going back to gears 2 is because of horde and crazy EXP events so i can hit lvl 100 plus horde is always fun.

There's always GOW 1 PC