After update - Can't connect to EA servers

Everything was fine until the XB1 update on Saturday.  Now, can't access any online features.  Downloaded the game originally - no disc.   Do I have to download the whole thing again?


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having the same problem , on all my EA games after the update !!!

Look at the date; can you believe it? It is march 20th and I bought titanfall the day it came out, nine days ago. The only thing I can do with it is watch the intro and credits. So glad I spent near to seventy dollars on the game. That doesn't include the five hundred I spent on the consol. My friend brought over garden warfair and I am unable to connect to those servers as well. My connection is good. All things are a go. NAT is open. I am wired not wireless. My multiplayer connection says it is all good. I can talk to friends online but not play the EA online games. I have tried everything xbox has told me to do and none of it worked. I don't understand why some people are able to play on EA servers and others are not, regardless of their connection. Is it EA servers? Is it xbox live update? I don't know but if it isn't fixed soon I'm going to get my money back one way or another. WTF