after removal of game still notifications. how to turn off?

After removing alphajax i still het notifications and need to install the game again to reject invitations. How can i stop this? Thanks in advance! Masglen

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Hi Masglen-

The notifications you are asking about are game requests and these are sent via Xbox.

These are controlled via your Xbox "Show Game notifications" settings. To change these settings on your phone go to Games Hub > ... > settings > Show game notifications (switch to Off). Changing Xbox settings may take a while to fully propagate so may not have an instant effect.

Please note that unfortunately there is no way to control Xbox toast notifications on an app by app basis. So you cannot control toast notifications for an individual app such as AlphaJax at this time. This is not something the application developers have control over.

Please note users do not receive random game requests after 14 days of inactivity on AlphaJax.

Thanks for info!

What if you only want to reject random invitations from people you don't know?  Can't you build a "no random requests" option into the app so that when I turn on a setting, it removes my screen name from the list of random players... but still keeps me available for the games I do want to play?

Hi Adamzea- that's a great idea and we're looking to add it quickly in a new title update.

As the player base grows you'll also get less random invites. In the first few days there weren't as many players to pick from, so everyone was getting lots of invites. Now that the game is starting to grow there are more people for the system to choose from, so the number of requests should be dropping. Early adopter issue. thanks.