After ME2, not convinced yet...

As a hardcore ME fan the only one (1) thing that had me turned  off  from the franchise was the ammo thing issue, it got me highly frustated having to look for ammo after a firefight, first and last time, this is what will make me decide whether I'm gonna buy the game or not, seriously.



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I liked it, unlimited ammo makes it pointless. Forces you to pick your shots.

I know why it was done, to appeal to the shooter crowd. However I will never believe that it is an 'upgrade' in universe.

[quote user="voteDC"]

I know why it was done, to appeal to the shooter crowd. However I will never believe that it is an 'upgrade' in universe.


it wasn't done for that reason at all. Bioware even stated it was done because the overheat mechanic didn't achieve what they wanted which was for people to fire in burst where the overheat encourage spamming. Also if it was done to appeal to the shooter crowd it did a horrible job at it.

The overheat mechanic only encouraged spamming once you're at a high enough level and when you have the appropriate upgrades to compensate and limit the gun from overheating.

Otherwise you do have to fire in bursts and not just "spam" your shots, otherwise your gun will constantly overheat.

However, I will always take the "overheating" mechanic from ME 1 and overall stat-based system of how good or bad the weapon actually performs from naturally leveling up, as compared to this general and completely bland shooter mechanic of reloading ammo and scavenging the battlefield for that ammo that you see in ME 2 and will see in ME 3.

Every weapon is exactly the same in ME 2 in how it's going to perform. The only differences is of how fast or slow, or what type of ammo power is attributed to that weapon.

I can understand why people like ME 2's system over ME 1's, if they enjoy the faster paced combat that it offers then so be it, it's just not what I like and I will always stick to ME 1's system as being the superior system as I have never once had an issue or problem with my weapons overheating. I don't hold the trigger down like some ratard.

Also, NPD numbers do hardly anything to represent how many of the "shooter" crowd purchased Mass Effect 2.

All of those sales figures are purely estimations and do not represent fact.  Even then, for all that we know over 50% of those who purchased ME 2 could be those that only play shooters, or it could be the other way around and over 50% could be those who played ME 1 and bought ME 2 on the premise that it's a sequel to an amazing game.

Because those sales figures don't point to either general guesses, posting them is a bit pointless for the sake of an argument here.

We all know that if you demand something a whole lot on the BSN that your wish is likely to be received. Case in point, same *** relationships for ME 3. People demanded and demanded upon multiple threads that it should be implemented, and in the end it was.

For all that we know, it wasn't some design philosophy to change the combat mechanic from overheating to thermal clips, but rather a plea by the vocal minority to do so.

BioWare does have a great habit of listening and actually taking action on their community's questions/ideas and so forth, so for all that we know that could of been the case with the change.

Either way and like I said earlier, no matter what anyone tries to say, Mass Effect 1's system will always be superior to that of ME 2's and from the looks of it ME 3's because you actually had total control over how your weapon performed good or bad not only because you did have to control your shots, but also from many layers of customization and stat leveling to make the same weapons good or bad.

Oh yeah, guess I should also just say that's my view/opinion on the change.

Just so some people, and no not you vader ;), don't get their panties in a bunch and think I'm speaking of fact, as I'm not just saying that I liked ME 1's system much better as compared to ME 2's and from what I have seen so far from ME 3's.

(insert "Yes" symbol, don't know why the [Y] code, doesn't work anymore but meh oh well! :P)

Damn, just when my panties were all getting bunched up...:-)

The thermal clip, I mean ammo,  thing is here to stay.  I personally dont like it at all.  I wish they upgraded the original overheat mechanism instead.  

This is the same Bioware who swore blind that there was plenty of DLC coming for Mass Effect after the release of Bring Down the Sky. A blatant lie unless you consider Pinnacle Station, made by a different company, to be plenty of DLC. So I have no reason to believe them when they say what the reason for changing the combat system was.


The 'thermal clip' system was in there to appeal to the shooter crowd plain and simple. Otherwise they would have simply fixed the balancing issue which let you create one weapon which never overheated. One weapon that unless you'd played through once, only the Solider would be able to get, plus is next to useless on Feros.


So they went from a stat based system to twitch based reflex system for the sake of not having to bother to balance one weapon.


Sorry for the rant but I genuinely hate the change in combat mechanics from 1 to 2.

But to have a weapon which never overheated would be kind of unrealistic wouldn't it? I know people had complaints about the thermal clip system, but having played ME2 multiple times (as multiple classes) I always found clips readily in supply. Also, if I was a class other than Soldier, I preferred to use either my Biotics or Tech abilities more (Case in point as Engineer, I often used Incinerate and Combat Drone more than using my weapons). I admit, the difference in combat mechanics from ME1 and ME2 are somewhat different, but I was able to get the hang of combat quite easily... but then, that's just me and my opinion.

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