after getting the drake sword........

ok - so i shot my arrows at the dragons tail and got the drake sword. is that meant to kill the dragon? i can still see it when i poke my head up from the place below the bridge but i can't see it from the black knight's tower. anyone else experience that?



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He appeared on the Tower where the Black Knight was after some time, i think after Gargoyles?

First i wasnt able to see him too, but after The Boss he was there

Yeah, I had/have the same problem.

My friend told me to make my way to the tower from the bonfire by the smithy, I haven't tried it yet though so I can't confirm it, but he did say that's how the drake appeared for him.

Yes I've been to the smithy and back to the bonfire and tower A LOT of times..... but no dragon. Is hitting the tail meant to kill it ?

No, you will only get the Drake Sword, when you're on top of the tower where the Black Knight was just shoot a single arrow at him, he will fly away and kill itself after some time.

But have you killed the Gargoyles too?

The bloody Gargoyles on the roof......... no :(   Very close once with the help of the Phantom Solaire, so so close but no cigar.  What happens then?

You CAN kill the drake but it could take something like two or more hours of shooting arrow after arrow.

There is a bug with the Drake that causes him simply not to show up from on top the tower, but if you go back to the bridge he's there of course.   Happened to me.   Played another 10 hours or so farting around, kept checking and he still wasn't there, and then one day he was.   Totally random.  Don't know what triggered his return.  

Just checked for you, this guy Necro_Fear89 did it in ten minutes.

Well he isn't drinking a flask so it won't work on him. I just killed him last night, here's how I did it. Attack him close to the bridge, by the steps that go down. Shoot an arrow at him, he will aggro and stomp around do go back down real quick and wait for him to make start walking away. Before he perches back on the castle shoot him again, what you wanna do is keep him on the bridge to prevent him from healing.

Make sure your how is good and you have a lot of arrows and it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. There's also a glitch that kills him in one arrow by I couldn't get it to work in my game. Try it the way I did it though, won't fail you.

Here's the link:

To get the dragon to spawn you have to go to Darkroot Garden just past the blacksmith (You can dodge that annoying Titanite Demon for awhile.)  Just to be safe go to the first bonfire and rest there.  (There is a locked door a little while in that has a fake wall next to it.  Bonfire is there.)  After that go back to the tower with the Black Knight with the Greatsword.  The dragon should have spawned so shoot him in the back and go down into the rat sewers under the bridge and he should die,  10K free souls.  Also you can now reach the parish bonfire and the Warriors of Sunlight covenent the easy way.  (However I highly doubt you have 50 Faith or enough deeds to lower the entrance requirements low enough yet.)  Also I got there the semi-hard way.  (I shot him in the eye with and arrow and ran between his toes LIKE A MAN!  However you know the smart, non-suicidal trick.  To be honest if I knew that I would have done it that way...)

Thanks for all the advice people. I've been to the Darkroot Garden briefly and got munched by some big Triffids.... yikes. But if I have to go back again I will, very good hint Reaper961 thanks - I'm on it! And 10k free souls will be a big reward. I need to level up to take on those damn Gargoyles.