After credits Legendary ending { spoilers }

Ok there are video's on youtube and elsewhere showing the chief taking off his helment and it showing a close up of his eyes closed.  I've beat it on Legendary and it always cuts to black before this .  Is this real or has someone fudged it up.  If it is real how do you get that ending  ?  I beat it in 4 player co-op if that matters ?


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Maybe you have to beat it solo?

Complete the game in all difficulties no just legendary.

[quote]Complete the game in all difficulties no just legendary.[/quote] Do you have a source for this? Can you do it via co-op?

Sorry it's simply beat on regular then legendary. Can replay later, but at times it does glitch and go to black I have noticed. Try rewatching the cutscene in the viewer if it glitched.


Not certain if you can get it any other way then the solo play.

Yeah I beat it with a friend in co-op and no special ending. I am assuming it is solo anyway. Thanks Spazzy!

It has to be on solo.  No co-op