After Classic Mode *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

Ok, bear with me. To answer my question I'm really looking for someone who has completed a standard run (with Co-op), collected all the artifacts/audio logs/text logs, then played through Classic mode and has THEN started a new standard game...

...and the question is... do the Circuit Sets and Suits (deep dig, flight etc) appear in THAT new game (after classic)? The reason I ask is that I've just started a Classic game and found that the only things that have transferred across are the DLC packs and my CEC Engineer suit.

Will the other suits along with the Circuits and the (hopefully) unlocked Devil Horns appear in a new play through? Would hate to think all that work went to waste.


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The circuit sets and suits you unlock only appear in new game+, not in the other modes (except for the DLC packs and CEC Engineer suit). This means that if you unlock the devil horns for completing classic, you will only be able to use them in one mode. Hopefully I answered your question.

Thanks for the info. Thats a bit gutting, you'd think Visceral would let you get all unlocks in one save (well after multipule play throughs) :p .

Again thanks for the info.

I have unlocked all the suits, circuit sets and the Devil's Horns. I'm now playing Pure Survival mode,The Legendary suit carried over but not the others (Flight Suit,Elite suit,Deep Dig, Hostile Environment), also the circuits and the weapon upgrades and such don't either. And, neither does the the Devil's Horns.

There is a glitch listed in another thread that will allow you to use the Devil's Horns in Hardcore Mode.