after a few legendarys..

Hey guys,

I have finally given up farming for the infinity pistol...seriously those who have must have some awesome luck! Taking the dodge rout and seeing if anyone would be willing to dupe with me,i will be happy to do return the favor : My legendarys are as follows:


Impetuous flakker ,Critical conference call, Sledges shotgun


Cartel pitchfork


Sticky homing fire leech ,rubberized pandemic


Whisky tango foxtrot, The bee


Crammed Unkept Harold

I also have 2 purple guns of note, a sniper that does 29,136 damage with plus 15% damage, and a rocket launcher  89,787 damage times 3.

I will be on in about 2 hours, any help would be awesome. A nice infinity pistol would be nice, as would a big shield.




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Think I have a few of them xbl me I'll be on within the hour I think

ok thanks mate,ill shoot you a FR


I have legendary Infinity pistol in both fire and shock.

They are not the standard legendary pistol, they are the ones that shoot 2 bullets not one.

I will be on tonight around 8pm, just send me a message.

I also have all the legendary conference calls.( all elements and all at lvl 50) all are the strongest version.(practicable)

I also have the skullmasher.

I am looking for norfleet rocket launcher in shock and caustic.(I have fire and slag)

that is 8pm pacific time... sorry