Afro Samurai

I just recently acquired Bioshock 2 and Afro Samurai i can already guess that Bioshock 2 is rather awesome from playing the first one but i am rather unsure about Afro Samurai i cant test it atm since i forgot a cable when i was at my dads this weekend... (curse the damn cables!) just wondering what are peoples opinion on it out of those who played it? Does it have replay value and all that good stuff or is it just a mediocre hack n slash with nothing really going for it?


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No real replay value for me. I play through most of my games twice at least, but not that one. As you suggested, it is a mediocre hack and slash. Ninja Gaiden 2 is a far better ninja game.  It is still fun however. I mostly played it because I really enjoyed all the cartoons and movies.

There's no replay value but it's a fantastic game to play through, some great slices you can do .. Real good fun try it out can't hurt much (no pun intended)

is ok but nothing great.

guessing ill trade it once im finished then :) would help to get another game since im trying to get 20k gamerscore before my birthday (11th june) and i want to have managed 20k in 1 year :p