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Now ALGONQUIN ELITE FORCE is a GTA IV Police clan we have been open for quite some time now. We are NOT BIG like LCES but we are a Realistic but fun clan at the same time. We are currently accepting Ages 16 and UP No Exceptions on this due to Immaturity of some younger guys!


We NEVER claim to be the BEST Clan out there because I would be lying if I said that we were EVERY clan has problems but we work them out. We have Divisions in our clan that are:


• S.W.A.T.

• Aviation

• Detective Bureau

• Working Dispatchers

• Fire/EMS

• Parking Enforcement

• Crooks

• Police Officers


Now our Divisions handle things, Such as Drug Stings, Building Raids, Fires, EMS related Issues, Murders,Burglaries,and much much more. We are a great bunch of guys who like to Patrol and Have Fun. Several of us have Real life Police Experience no NOT just Police Explorer's but Actual PO's and Firefighters so we have the ability to train you and make you feel welcome. We VALUE every one's opinion and we DO NOT make you change your Gamer Tag or Pay for a Website!

So If you have the Following:

• Working Mic



• The Ballad of G** Tony

• Ability to Stay Forum and Patrol Active

• Age 16 and UP


Then we would like to have you in our clan Here is our Site:




Once you go there do the Following

• Register with a VALID XBOX Gamertag- We check to make sure it works

• Use your Gamertag as your Username

• Create a Password

• Look at the Welcome Join our Section and if you are Ready to join us then

• Fill out an Application. - Wait 2-3 Days before Sending a PM to us We have Real life stuff that we might be doing but we will Get back to you!!

We do not want people just signing up to sit there on the Forums to make our numbers look good. We want members who want to be in the clan and can stay active both on the Forums and on XBOX. This is a video game YES and Real life stuff comes first so if you are not able to make Every Patrol no worries. We are not going to kick you out for Missing a Couple of Patrols.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and We hope to see you on the Streets of Liberty Soon!

Corkjg- Commissioner of A.E.F.


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So wait... You guys run around GTA 4 and pretend to be cops? Lol.

This is a role playing Clan so We role play as PO'S and Crooks.. Please Do not reply if you have nasty comments Thank You!

Don't join this clan. Contact FBI Black Sheep on Xbox live for more information. Love you cork;)

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