A.E.F. (Recruiting 16+ Age)(GTA IV & BOGT)

Algonquin Elite Force

Algonquin Elite Force (A.E.F.) is a police role-playing clan for the Xbox 360. Members in A.E.F. take on the roles of police officers, crooks, fire fighters/paramedics, S.W.A.T., detectives, aviation pilots, and dispatchers. A.E.F. was started around the end of October 2010 by CorkJg, and it is still a growing clan, we have a total of 29 members and great activity. All that is required is a working headset, age 16 or up, GTA IV and BOGT, and a good attitude.  If you meet the requirements then please help yourself to joining the website http://z15.invisionfree.com/clanmef . Our biggest patrol nights are Sundays, Mondays,Wednesdays, and soon Saturday afternoons. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact corkjg, Wolfzz213 or PyroMan015, hope to see you soon patrolling the streets of Liberty City with us!


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I hope to see you not posting this retarded thread again.

More bad rep for HMG. Don't you ever learn, kid? "You attract more flies with honey, not vinegar, and if you don't know what that means, you're probably an immature little kid who has to knock everyone else's clan just so you can look good. Oh, you call yourself the "first-ever" roleplay clan? Let me tell you something, YOU WERN'T! Roleplaying have been going on waaaaaaaaaaaay before GTA IV. I've seen clans og gta that roleplay way before your pathetic excuse for one, so do me and Nightstrike, and every other person on the GTA XBOX forums and SHUT THE H*** UP!!! You are not that great a clan anyway.

Wolfzz213, good luck with your clan, dude. Don't listen to this a$$ head!!!

I get what it means you arrogant, condescending piece of hell. Do not insult my intelligence, just because you do not like what I have to say. Do you support our troops? Because if you do, you also support my right to say whatever the f*** I please and say it whenever the f*** I please.

You make my head hurt, you have no idea how utterly amusing I find it that you think you know anything about how my clan functioned or operated. Because, you don't. I have never spoken to you directly or played a game with you at all, so you have no first person experience of how my clan performed, all you have is a third person critic called Nightstrike812, who was upset, because I told him after HE contacted me asking for my help with keeping his clan running, that one of the biggest problems his clan had, was one of his best friends who he refused to get rid of. So, I told him his clan was doomed to fail if he didn't fix ALL the problems.

So, I have you saying my clan sucked, when you were never affiliated with it in any way, shape or, form .

Then, I have the 12-13 year old critic, whose only affiliation with the clan was through me advising HIS crappy clan.

Also, I never said I was the first ever. I said "We were one of the first". Big difference there.

I do not care about bad rep, why should I? All it is, is a bunch of stars next to my Gamertag that nobody pays attention to anyways. Microsoft doesn't care either, what are they going to do? Ban me from the forums for a week? Whooptie-doo. I'll just go play my crappy-*** Xbox that breaks just by tapping the power button.

I'm ignoring the above because I want to start  fresh. A community fights every now and then but should always make up. Well I'm making up and not going to fight with you anymore. Truce!