advise for navigating around the city

loving this game, though i feel like im consantly going the wrong way, every building and street looks the same and I cant get a sense of direction without a minimap on my hud, any suggestions?

and while im trolling for help, anyone know why when the cops tell me come visit them in the musuem to get a new gadget, I cant get back into the iceburg lounge. It was annoying clearing that building out again only to find teh iceburg lounge locked.


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Sometimes you can mark and set objectives with the "Y" button and some points on the map you can't so I understand where you're coming from because it can be tedious at times. As far as the cops in the Iceberg Lounge go, that one was pretty easy. You enter the lounge from the front door of the museum itself, no need to backtrack through the underground again. Find the "!" on the southwest portion of the map, it'll be directly on or in the museum. Just take out a few thugs then knock on the door for the cops to let you in.

ahh the front door, that is much much easier. holy waste of time batman. thanks

Thanks i needed help with that also

Definitely take advantage of pressing "Y" to set a waypoint. Then just follow the batsignal and the icon on the map at the top of the HUD.