Advice on some game's?

So for Christmas, someone got me a $20 gamestop gift card. I looked around, and the game's I'm interested in, that the gift card can pay for fully, are Forza 3, Splatterhouse, Fable 3, and Two Worlds 2. I loved Fable 2 (Never played 1.) so I'm sure I'd like Fable 3, but I'm not sure there's much replay value. At least not without cheats. After I beat Fable 2, it was fun to enable some cheats/glitches, and be fully powered and run around killing people without putting hours of grinding into specific skills. Fable 3 doesn't have that. That I know of, anyway. I hated the first two worlds, but the second is much better I hear. Thing is, I'm a huge ES fan, and I love Skyrim. I feel that if I played Two Worlds 2, I wouldn't be able to help but compare the two of them, and chances are, I'll find Two Worlds falling short of Skyrim.

Splatterhouse, like Fable 3, seems fun, but I'm not sure there's much replay value after beating the game. Forza 2 was a blast, and I'm sure Forza 3 will be even better, and there's always more stuff to do in that type of game with customizing and upgrading cars, and constantly striving to earn enough money for that next part, or for a new car. I think Forza 3 would have the highest replay value here.

I know what some of you are thinking, "Well, you just answered your own question." But I'm still interested in hearing input from other's.  Are there any other game's you'd recommend that are over 20 bucks, but not 60? (I can add another 10-20 to that gift card, and get a 30-40 dollar game.) give me your suggestions!


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Well, I didn't like Fable 2 so I wouldn't get Fable 3, not to mention I've heard dissapointing things about it, and I did order Splatterhouse, but it's still coming in the mail right now, so I can't say anything about it other than I think it won't have much replay value to it and I just ordered it for a quick and easy game to play.


If I was going to get a game with replay value, I would pick Forza 3 because of the ability to upgrade cars and the fact you have to constantly race to win the cash for customization, which makes it good for the replay value aspect of a game.

Fable 3.

Forza 3 would be a good choice as well, but I'd rather wait and get Forza 4 if I were you.

Interesting suggestions. Any other's?

If I were you I'd save it and put it towards another game. But from the games you listed, Two Worlds 2 interests me the most so I'd probably go with that