advice on class and upgrade paths?

I played ME1 and I'm about to start ME2...any suggestions on which class to play and how to spend my points when I level?



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Well, my fave build is using an Adept.


Bastion/Heavy Warp/Heavy Singularity/Heavy Throw. As I usually play on Hardcore or Insanity,  I also usually max out either Geth Shield/Fortification/Barrier.


I use Miranda or Garrus and the Arc Projector for Shields. I Max out Zaeed's Squad Disruptor Ammo, for all geth levels.

I feel that the classes changed drastically since ME1.


I also feel that choosing a class is essentially based on personal preference.

For instance, I choose the Engineer class because it does more to disable and expose the enemy (Overload, Incinerate, Combat Drone, etc.).


That's just my opinion, of course.


If you haven't already chosen a class, here's some class "trailers" from BioWare that describes each class in depth.














Apologies ahead of time if the links don't work.

Hope this helps.