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My lad has been accused by another parent of stealing a memory stick from a mates x box and also of logging in as him, is there anywhere that the xbox will tell me if this memory stick has been put in the xbox or if he has logged on this other boys account?

Thankyou in advance 


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I am thinking you should be able to " recover gamer tag" and find out who's stick it is.  You can all check what saved games are on it, if there are a bunch of games your son does not owned or played there is a good chance its not his.  


You would NOT have to recover gamer tag just check and see who's gamer tags are on it.

I think Ph might have the wrong end of the stick, pun intended :)

There is no way to know if the memory stick has been used in your xbox. I regularly have my partner playing with a memory unit on my Xbox and when he removes his memory card there is no trace of him playing on my Xbox.

Ofcourse, the person whose profile was stolen could do an account recovery to see what recent games were played...

Thanks, all sorted the little git had just lost his memory stick and was blaming the kids who had been over to his house ............(slap)!!!!! Thanks anyway

If anything else comes up feel free to ask.