Advice for someone new to Xbox?

So I'm a fresh recruit.  I have never owned an Xbox product (other then the Xbox 360 controller I bought for my PC).  Xbox is pretty new to me.  Any advice for a new Xbox One owner?  Good exclusives?  Cool features that the $ony play$tation doesn't have?


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Take a look at EA Access great value you can pay £4 a month or £20 fior a yeaars subscription!

It gives you more than 10 EA games , trials for certain games and offers discounts also.

When purchasing Xbox Live I use CD Keys just over £20 for a years subscription.

Remember to check out the games for gold you get 2 games a month for free (not always great games but worth checking out for free) Tomb Raider is free in a couple of days and that's a great game?

Lastly you should look into getting an external hard drive as the Xbox will fill up quickly installing games!

The basic requirements for storing games and apps on an external drive are:

Has capacity of 256 GB or more, and

Uses USB 3.0.

Check out this link for more info. If you're taking it from a PC you'll need the enclosure  you mentioned.

Learn how to pin your favourite games & apps.  It will save you alot of headache if you're not a Kinect user.

Hey imnotGEOFF, thanks for that, I knew the Xbox button on the controller turned the console on/off but I didn't know about the Xbox symbol on the Console itself did that.

I downloaded Neverwinter last night and have been enjoying it, but I seem to be having some issues with it.  Its stuck at the main title screen  and tells me to "Press A on any controller" but won't respond to it.  Controller seems to be working find as I can play other games.  Other then that, The Xbox has been a great experience so far.

If your hard drive does fill up you can also uninstall any games you don't really play anymore and just reinstall them later. Mine filled up after about two months of me owning the console and still don't have an external hard drive.

Also, September 16th Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be free for Games with Gold. It was one of my favorite titles on the new console. Be sure to check that out.  

Its definitely Not just you.  I'm not surprised that neither consoles are mind blowing.  For me, it just came down to sonys horrible customer service.  I was on the fence as to which way I was going with next gen as I wanted to move to the next version of the NHL franchise.  Sony decided that shift the blame to me for a specific issue I was having and hid behind the ToS as an excuse for not helping me.  They lost a long time customer over the sum of $18 bucks.  Sony is notoriously tight.  That coupled with the fact that they undid all the good things the PS3 accomplished was enough to introduce me to the Xbox.

It'll be good.  I may start Dragon Age soon.  I've had it for awhile now with EA Access but just haven't started it.

Welcome, DocShady!

Looks like Boozy, Scratch and Geoff have you pretty well covered with information so far.

Right off the bat, an external HDD is not a necessity (the 500GB or 1TB internal, depending on console model) will keep you going quite a long while, but it will eventually fill up. So if you already have a compatible HDD, use that of course, but I wouldn't recommend going out and buying one for this sole purpose as by the time you need one you can inevitably buy the same amount of storage for less.

I see you're interested in NHL. If you have EA Access, as Boozy recommended, you can already play the full version of NHL 16! EA Access subscribers get a 10-hour free trial of the game, plus you get a 10% discount on the game digitally. The full version of NHL 15 is also in The Vault, which is an area of EA Access where subscribers can play full games for free for the entirety of their subscription.

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You have to try Forza Horizon 2 if you like fun-racer. For serious racing take Forza 6. A demo is available.

Here's a this,it will fix a fair a lot of issues

Theres also a few good F2P games to help with your game collection

World of tanks


Good exclusives -sunset overdrive,Gears UE,Halo MCC, Rare Replay

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