Advice for new players

There are a few threads floating around with various pieces of advice on deck editing, card usage and scenarios but i thought we could all contribute to a thread with pieces of advice for players either new to Magic 2012 or new to Magic completely.

Rules of the thread:

  • Each post must contain 1 or more hints/tips (this can be on card ability usage, strategies, deck creation/editing or anything useful thats magic related)
  • Disagreements over rules/cards must quote said rules/cards in order to resolve. Dont forget to add a hint/tip!
  • No elitism. We all know we have some great magic players amongst us and we all know best but we encourage new players to join our community so lets help them settle in.
  • No flaming. If the hint/tip is completely obvious to you it doesnt mean it is to everyone. Some people dont understand how some basic abilities resolve so someone posting about them may just help!
  • Post an example where possible. If you're talking about an ability resolving then give an example of a scenario where that would work

Feel free to reuse some other hints and tips already given elsewhere and quote where necessary. It would be nice to have this information available to our Xbox community.

My Tips

First strike damage is dealt before normal combat damage. If you have a 1/1 creature with first strike and attack a 4/1 creature that doesnt have first strike you will destroy that creature before it deals any damage to your creature.

Double strike is in 2 parts. The first part acts as first strike damage, the second acts as normal combat damage. If you have a 4/4 with double strike and are blocked by a 2/2 you will destroy it before it does any damage to you. If you attack and are blocked by a 6/6 you will do 4 damage to it as first strike damage and then another 4 as normal combat damage at the same time it will damage you with 6 - both creatures would be destroyed.

Try keeping your card pool as low as possible (minimum is 60). Each deck has a few game changing cards you will need at some point. Your chances of drawing that card depend on how many there are in the deck and how big your deck is. You can increase your chances of drawing that card by having the maximum amount of it possible in your deck and reducing your deck to the minimum amount.

Advance tip for Magic 2012 - Illusion creatures are destroyed when targetted by a spell or ability (where stated on the card). You can target it with anything and it will be destroyed! If you lack normal removal spells why not target it with something else. Even a giant growth?! Using elves you can target it for a +1/+1 counter and kill it, with the equipment deck you can 'tap target creature' and kill it. Beware when using illusion creatures - dont try and add an enchantment or equipment to it as you will destroy your own creature!


Please assist in helping new players by contributing to this thread.


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(1) With the Blue/Green deck: Using Elvish Piper to put big creatures directly into play is good.  But if you have the mana, don't use her ability to put Eldrazi (Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth) into play.  The Eldrazis' casting triggers (destroy a permanent, draw four) only work when you actually cast them as spells, not when they merely come into play.  Moreover, because these abilities trigger automatically when cast, they are effectively uncounterable; for example, this means that you still get to destroy something with Ulamog even if he doesn't actually resolve.

(2) Don't be afraid to mulligan your opening hand.  A hand full of big, game-ending spells is absolutely worthless if you don't have mana because you won't live long enough to actually cast them.  Conversely, a hand full of mana is equally worthless if you can't do anything with it.  When deciding whether to keep your opening hand, see if there's a line of play over the next few turns (including the likelihood that you'll draw sufficient lands by the turn that you need them).

(3) With the White deck: Save your Kor Outfitters until you can take advantage of their free-equipping ability.  You essentially get free mana  to equip a creature when you cast them, which is especially useful with expensive equip costs like Argentum Armor and Penon Blade.  Don't just cast it because you want another generic 2/2.

(4) Just because you can cast something doesn't mean that you should.  It's ok to hang on to cards for later in the match (especially removal) when you might need them more.