Advice for a new Xbox owner please

Hello all

I have bee an Xbox owner for just over a month now, you guess would love the reason why, but help me out first before i divulge ;)

Anyway, i had to games that came with my Xbox (Fable III & FIFA 11) which i've thoroughly enjoy. Now i fancy a new game to play this evening, but I've no local game stores local to me; so i'm limited to what i can download from the Xbox marketplace. Although there seems to be to much choice to know where to start.

I have previously played most the big titles that also appear on PS3, so would like something new, an Xbox exclusive perhaps.

But what i would like from you guys is, to tell me what new game i should download this evening please :-)

I am considering modern warfare 2 (as i hear it is still better than black ops) arkham asylum (which i love, is cheap but i've already played) red dead redemption (again cheap, never played but think it may be a little to slow for me tonight, but please tell me otherwise)

i would list some top notch xbox exclusive titles, but i know of known. saying that i did enjoy a Quake 4 demo, but i don't think i can get the full game on the xbox marketplace or can I????


Please remeber i would like suggestions that i can the full game from the Xbox Marketplace!!


Thank you in advance for all helpful suggestions


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"you guess would love the reason why"

should read..........

"you GUYS would love the reason why"

Go to and Purchase games and have them delivered to you. Much cheaper than downloading games. I would suggest BattleField Bad Company 2 / Alan Wake / Forza 3 / L.A. Noire / Halo Reach but whatever you do stay as far away from Call of Duty games.

BFBC2 is a great game.  What sort of games did you play the most before you got your Xbox OP?

Cheers Covert Affairs

Why do you say Bad Company 2 but say stay away from Call of Duty games? aren't they quite similar? I  enjoy the unlockables in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, do you get that in bad Company 2?

I will look into amazon too, but for now i would like a game tonight, hence the Xbox Marketplace restriction I'm setting myself.

Thanks again Covert Affairs

RDR is a good choice, it will give you quite a lengthy playthrough and has one of the best stories to date, IMO of course.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Mass Effect

Dead Space

Saint's row 2

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas

Gears 2


Just Cause 2

Halo Reach


Those are my recommendations, the BOLD are exclusives.  And if you enjoy the COD games then those might be of interest too, I'd go with COD 4 over MW2,

its hard to recomend a game for someone you dont know,we have no idea what you like.

my suggestion is to poke around in there and try and find something good.theres some games from games on demand that arnt too expensive and fun.

red dead was game of the year id start with that,yes cod was better but how many are playing it atm?unlike the ps3 there are so many games its almost overwhelming if your new.the rule of thumb on the ps3 is that first party games are great everything else you gotta check,its the same here except not alotta frst pty download games here as there.

Arkham Asylum

Modnation Racer (like mario kart)

Uncharted 1&2

Resident Evil 5

They were my most played games, but i would fancy a shooter!

And it seems BC2 is already getting the nod ahead of MW2

COD games have been ruined by the mod and hack brigade.

COD games are infested with phishing scams hacks mods and all things bad. Bad Company has Massive Maps Vehicular Warfare Destructible Environments and real world physics(Video game/realword physics). You can get this game off the market place but you will be forced to pay 10 dollars for VIP Access for online play but if you buy it new on disc the VIP Access is included.

Mass Effect 1 is a great exclusive. I guess 2 is out for the PS3 now. And the Gears of War series is fantastic. With the third installment in the trilogy for each of them coming soon, now would be a great time to dive into the beginning of each of them. And if you like kart racers, Sega & Sonic: All-Stars Racing is the best thing since Mario Kart 64.

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