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So now not only are we paying to play online but also paying to watch adverts this makes no sense?!?!

Kinda sucks


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i guess we have to get used to it with cable TV and the internet they are everywhere. even now when you buy A DVD they have em. the only good thing is you can FF dvd's and change the channel.

Actually it make perfect sense. There are many other services that people pay for that use adverts all the time.










          -Almost all of the websites anyone visits has atleast ONE advert on it.


I could understand this complaint if MS was the only company doing it, but they aren't. If you don't want to see adverts, then set your console to load a game on startup instead of going to the dashboard.

Load up my dashboard see a coca cola ad; play guitar hero see another coca cola ad.


Its beautiful.


I see things in the context of video game console and when I see the PS3 and its ad free XMB I get a little jealous.


Out of videos games there are many services which people can pay to remove ads in their content. Many video game websites offer paid subscriptions to disable all ads on the site (not mentioning the fact that many browsers now a days come with ad blockers). My local newspaper, The Dallas Morning News offers the same thing on their website as well.


Anyways, I'm so glad I have a family plan to download the awesome sprint, t-mobile, and old spice gamer pictures and themes.