Adult looking for BF3 clan

Looking for a BF3 only clan. Shoot me a message on xboxlive.


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Not trying to crap on your thread or anything but Im looking for the same thing.  Seems to be hard to find a clan around here.

I'm a member of BeeF platoon on bf3.  Its a bf3 only clan. We require a mic for communication and that you be over 18 to join.  Check us out on battlelog for more information and feel free to add me I play bf3 almost everyday

we have over 500 plus members...12-14 squads of peeps who play BF 3 on 360.

Were also part of the Good Gaming Network.

come register today..tell them Killaa Jay refered ya.

I will add you I am looking for a active group.

@ Trench...sent you some info a message and a Friend request too about Legion of Honor. Very Organized Gaming Community / Clan...We have 11 Groups who play BF 3, who are made up of 8-12 guys a piece.