ADULT CLAN adding new members: BURN Crew is Recruiting new Muscle & Representatives!

Welcome to BURN Crew.

We have a strong GTA V presence, we are on 7 days a week without fail!


This is just a game, I'm not going to interview you to add you.


The Crew is OPEN so if you want to join your welcome to, and you can invite your friends. Every new member is offered High Ranking Positions, many people prefer to be muscle and don't want to lead crews. We have NO issues with that, whatever you want to be is fine with us.


There are 8 members currently, with 2 of actively on every single day. I'm the Leader on the West Coast & my Commissioner is on the East Coast. We cover the country in time spots for playing, so at any time either of us will be on. All the other members vary in times they come on.


We have no clan meetings, no mic is required, but if you have one great we can communicate better. We are a group of 25yr olds and up; easy going, laid back people. No strict age requirements or experience needed.


Come join the fun!


The Crew is about making Fires and Burning everything that gets in our way. I have a MIC, and I tend to play during the afternoon/evening hours of 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST to 12am PST / 3pm EST  Monday through Friday. On Saturdays & Sundays I expect to be on for most of the day.


If you have any questions or want to review my gamer xbox 360 tag it's Wiredmike420


I may be a 420 guy but you don't have to be, and you don't have to like it. I don't talk BS or give anyone guff. Trying to complete heists and missions cooperatively. I'm even willing to share higher profits depending on the level of participation in the heist, I won't cheat anyone out of money or steal from you. Been playing since GTA started in 1997, hardcore fan here, light hearted, and deep pockets... ha ha


If you want to play with good group of people come and join our Crew!


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There are no applications to fill out, we are NOT a gaming community, just a bunch a people who enjoy GTA V Online, play missions together, rob stores, armored trucks, and steal and sell cars together splitting profits.

We have 13 members currently & growing. Your welcome to join alone or bring your friends.

No matter how new your are to this game or how long you've been playing we all work together and help each other level up.

If you want to hang with a great Crew and prepare for the heists to come in the coming months come join our crew.

No meetings or posting required, just fun gamers here!