Adding some more flavor.

I was watching some mods on youtube. and started thanking of some little things they could add to the game. 

1. tattoos 

2. pressings 

3. war pant on your armor, so you won't look like everyone else.

4.changing the color of your armor. 

5. more and better ppl to marry.

Just some small things to put in the game. What do you thank?  


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I still miss some of the old Morrowind spells like Levitate, Mark and Recall.

Me,, too.

better hairstyles. I'm running around with a pixie cut cause the others make me look like a bloody bum.

better hair colours. I want firetruck red hair.

I'd like tattoos. yes, I would.

more variety with clothing. I'm waiting for someone to yell "she stole my outfit!"

yes, those would be good and I'd like to be able to have different coloured stuff.

I'm not so fussed about character appearance etc but each to their own eh, I'd like to see the ability to use the menus on Smartglass so you never have to pause it or anything.

I wish Mark and Recall came back but with new Dragon mouth I dont think we need to float in the sky lol. Plus with instant travel I think the only reason they gave it up. Same for Mark and Recall. Now for the armor design would be sweet. Added to what you said put a tag like you want with it.