Adding kids to X1 Family

If there is a FAQ that covers this please point me to it.  I looked and can't find it.

I am trying to setup the X1 with a family.  I went through the process, even creating addresses to tie the kids accounts to, including using my credit card to verify.  One profile worked fine and shows up as part of the family, the second profile works but doesn't show up as part of the family and when I try to work with it, says that the profile isn't associated with an adult account.

Went to and they show up there under my account but they aren't associated with any devices. (I'm guessing they would if I added them to a Windows computer)

Maybe I am completely not getting the point but what I was hoping was to be able to regulate their usage of the xbox one, especially since it wants me to route TV though it.

Can someone point to me information about this feature?



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Not a FAQ but a comfort to know I am not the only one having this issue.  Hopefully MS will get it figured out..

go to my games and apps then look for settings click it then scroll over that says add family click it then type the email of your kids

Hola WhyteZone ! not really a FAQ but hope this help :

I cant download games because of things

My son has managed to disconnect his xbox account from the family control screen in the xbox. He is now able to look at allsorts of stuff unsuitable for kids through his account. How can I add him back to the parental controls on the xbox. There appears to be no guide on how to do this?

I need a simple step by step guide explaining how to add a child to the family control on xbox?