Adding Funds to Microsoft Account

It would be a huge plus to be able to add funds to your MS account through Paypal or a credit/debit card.

I know an Xbox Live gift card can be purchased and funds added via redeeming the gift card, but this just includes more steps than needed. What makes little sense is that if you purchase a gift card through the MS store, you have to wait for the gift card to be mailed to you. Why is there no option to have the code emailed to you, such as other sites provide? Depending on the site, you receive the code almost instantly and MS doesn't have to pay the postage.

I want to be able to deposit funds into my account (right from my Xbox One preferably) on a fairly consistent basis without jumping through a lot of hoops so that they are there and ready to use when I want to purchase a game. It's nice to have a little bankroll in place to help take the sting out of a $59.99 purchase and there are going to be a lot of those purchases coming up this fall.


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Best place to do this is buy Digital Xbox Gift Cards from Amazon, doing it that way will cost less steps and more freedom.

Here's an example link:

You can purchase gift cards digitally through the Microsoft Store and other places that are emailed to you. There's start at $5.00 and increase per $1.00 so you don't necessarily have to purchase a $10 code if you just need $7.00.

I think they removed the option to add currency directly from a credit card/Paypal because you have to add those to your account anyway in order to add the currency, so you might as well use the payment option directly. You can also use them as a split payment.

Thanks for the response.

The option for depositing money into your wallet has been gone since the points system was removed.

I've used the Paypal and credit/debit card methods as well as the gift cards. I would really like a system where I can deposit as much money as I would like, when I like, into a wallet without having to go to an outside source and then deal with emails and having to enter codes. I would welcome a clean, streamlined process for adding funds to my account.

I'm not sure if you can purchase x amount of money for your wallet anymore after the points system was abolished but I do know Paypal and debit/credit card are valid methods of paying for content in the Marketplace. I have used both.

Not sure if this is an option for you, but one choice you have is to buy online gift cards via Gamestop's website. Usually, they mail it to you shortly after confirming payment.