Added my niece to my family

I have a family gold with four full accounts.  I recently added my niece to my family (her mom knows nothing about xbox and I figured I could supervise her better).  Because she is an individual Gold and not a family gold member , does that explain why I can not see her family reports?  I would really love to keep track of that.

Additionally, If I have her settings to friend requests blocked, and she gets a friend request that I approve of can I add in the password from my console, or do I have to do it on her console?  That could be a problem.  Grrr. 


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She does have to be part of your 4 member family plan not a individual account. Also the password will have to be done from her console. You can not even do it from a computer. You might just have to give her mom the password. Chatpad works great for that to. You don't have to ask the kids to leave the room.

Just go online unlock her setting, log into her, accept the friend, delete any bad messages, etc., log back into you, disable friend requests again. Worth a try. Good luck.