Add ons and another profile

Can anyone tell me for the add on's for Skyrim do you have to buy then twice, 1 for each profile us have.

I bought the Hearthfire, Dragonborn and Dawnguard on one, they are in the add on in the game but they do not show up under the profile that the add on were not purchased with.



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The other profile can use them as long as it is on the X-Box that downloaded them the first time.

The one profile that paid for the add on's it shows up but the other on even though it in in the added on folder it does not show up when that profile loads the game

They are both on the same Xbox

NO. do not buy them twice. I'm not sure, but does it matter if he tries it off-line as opposed to on-line with XBL?

Got it to work both go in now

I'm trying to find out how to make another "Live" profile for my other child on the Xbox and can't figure out how.  We have the Live subscription but for some reason, my other child cannot go on live with my other child when playing Minecraft with their friends.  We created one on the Xbox directly, but can't figure out how to have her sign on live at same time with my other child.  Do you know?  Thanks.  Much appreciated!

Both my girls have their own profiles on our machine. We all have Gold level memberships and experience no issues being on at the same time, playing the same game of course. Are all memberships in question Gold? That's all I can think of, not being familiar with Minecraft, Microsoft won't let you play on XBL without Gold.

FYI; I know you are trying to get them both into Minecraft simultaneously, but just in case, Skyrim has no multiplayer or co-op modes so no more than one can play at a time unfortunately.

I would suggest you also ask in a Minecraft forum, as it could be a game related issue. Best of luck!

I'm trying the same thing.  I have two boys who both want to play at the same time.  How do I create two profiles that can play at the same time?

Forgive if any of this is redundant.

As I recall, creating a new profile is fairly straightforward. First you'll need a controller for each boy.

Start console and ensure no profiles are signed in. At the sign in if you scroll right (pretty sure this is how we did it, been a while ago and I'm not near my console) and there should be an selectable "avatar" to create a new profile, once created this should be a silver membership and can play locally only. XBL requires a Gold membership so either pony up or redeem code (many games include a code for a month of free XBL) to get the account to Gold level. Repeat for the next child/account if you need to have a profile for each boy.

For all three of you to play same game at same time, locally or on XBL, said game must support co-op or multi-player play, unfortunately Skyrim does neither. My daughters and I play COD, Halo, etc.  (and now Titanfall on the X-one). and it's a similar sign in process for each game. We usually do co-op mode or a private lobby in multi-player mode is selected and each joins the game using a separate controller and signing into their profile to join the game. I'm pretty sure that is you only want to play locally, Silver (free) accounts are all that's needed.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask if any of this is unclear.