add more to beast mode

I have always enjoyed the campaigns in Gears and I really enjoy horde mode, now with beast mode I have another game type to enjoy. I hope in the future they add some more to beast mode, it is a great game type but kind of short with only 12 waves.


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Yes I guess. It's kinda "meh" right now.

I'd love it if they brought Horde and Beast together for versus.

soooo you wanna start with your ideas on how to make beast mode better? or what do you think they should add besides more waves?

Beast mode is definitely not "meh." It is one of the more tactical modes of play in the game and requires teamwork to beat it on higher levels. It's a great addition to Gears' already existing modes. It is a tad short, but I read an interview saying that Epic was okay with this, as it gave people a mode that they could play together and finish in a half an hour.