Add me My Gamertag (GT) is ADR x TECH

I Play Black Ops Black Ops 2 World at War MW2 MW3 CoD4 MW CoD 2 GTA IV GTA V i have xbox and psn account both the same name ADR x TECH

I Have all map packs in all games i know how to glitch and mod but i wont unless you want i play zombies and multiplayer and spec ops i dont crae are you a noob or pro or whatever i will paly with you just add me on PSN or XBOX ADR x TECH

Black Ops: Der Riese round 52 Kino der toten 44 five 41 ascension 55 call of the dead 32 shangri la 28 moon 51 dead ops arcade 19

Black Ops II: TranZit 43 Nuketown 41 Die Rise 32 Mob Of The Dead 48 Buried 50 Origins 34

Best Kills in Multiplayer MW3 78 kills `11 Deaths MW2 82 Kills 3 Deaths BO 56 Kills 19 Deaths BO2 51 Kills 30 Deaths WaW 91 Kills 50 Deaths CoD 4 MW 32 Kills 17 Deaths CoD 2 7 Kills 3 Deaths GTA IV 100% Complete GTA V 100% Complete

So Please add me i wanna  play with you ADR x TECH


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