Add an in-game item that can be traded from player to player that adds ESO Plus!

Want to stop gold sellers before it even really starts? Do as Tera does. Make an item purchasable in the crown store for $14.99 that adds one month of ESO plus once you use the item in game. 

Other players can sell this in game for gold. Face it. People are going to buy gold and this will be a way for you guys to stop them from going to third party sites to buy it. It will add major revenue to the game for development.

This also solves the issue of people not wanting to put their credit card on the Xbox and people can now use xbox credit or trade in game gold to other players to buy eso+ subs. Problem solved and the devs over at Tera say it wast the best thing they ever added to the store.

I would agree.


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Game had bigger bot and gold seller problems on pc. Noticing this game only has voice chat. You can't spam chat selling gold. And I dare some one to spam mail. You don't need to worry about that stuff on here compared to PC. Didn't happen on Neverwinter won't happen here.

Text chat will come. Its a matter of time. But yes its not only to combat RMT but the fact that players can have eso+ without spending a dime is great. Or even not needing a credit card. I would purchase 3 or more a month for the purposes of selling them for gold. Where as right now I only buy 1. They make more from me this way too.

Zenimax already said it's voice only. Pc version has text chat. Voice chat was added to consoles because it's used more and can't be heavily spammed like text. Neverwinter has text and it's heavily spammed now. Having a tradeable item for plus might be interesting. Pretty sure runescape added something like that couple years ago.

A good dev team listens to the people. 90% of the players are demanding text chat. At least an option to turn it on and off. Voice is broken compared to text and zeni knows it. Unfortunately the console versions WILL die without it. Zeni sees this now. There was a meeting last night and a few large gaming magazines and websites were present and noted that text chat will most likely be making its appearance after all of the major game breaking bugs and exploits are fixed. This could mean a month or a year or more. But Zeni had a great idea with voice just obviously failed miserably.

A simple shout in the chat box would have solved many of the problems i had. But in turn I had to run around asking for someone that had a mic while shouting over children and babies crying, crackling, or someone speaking another language. Finding a guild would be a simple shout instead of postinf on the forums and waiting for a gamertag friend invite....sorry but my friend list is normally reserved for rl friends. Now it has to be for ESO only.

Chat solves all of this and more. Zeni finally sees this and will fix it. There are many measures to halt spam. Hell i will even take a 10 minute timer between each city shout. Blacklists also cut down spam. If someone shouts something with goldseller key terms or a website, block them from shouting. There are so many measures games have taken and succeeded at.

I personally dont mind the gold spammers...i just ignore them. The amount of helpful or fun conversation and friendships that can be made with text is endless. Its worth a bit of spam in my book. It feels like im playing a single player elder scrolls with a mod for spastic AI lmao...

Well guess it's what ever then. I'll probably turn it off xD. Reason I disliked neverwinter was chatbox took up half of screen. I haven't had voice issues so can't say much there. It's a nice addition to the game though so you can talk during battles and all without needing to send party invites.