AD guild that will spread to the other factions!

IT'S ALMOST HERE! With the launch for console just hours away now is the time to commit to finding the perfect guild to adventure across Tamriel with. I am the leader of the Wardens of the Dark, we have about 8 members currently and continue to seek more! We are starting out in the Aldmeri Dominion faction and once we have a fair bit of experience with the guild and have more members, we will expand to the other factions. We have a website that can provide details on us at we are currently looking for players of ALL types of builds, be it tanks, dps, healers etc.. In addition to this we are also seeking players with ambition to become Captains of the Wardens. There are five of these ranks open as of now, and are a Mid-level leadership role of great importance to the guild. More details can be found at our site. We do welcome anyone who wishes to partake in RP. We will primarily focus on PVE with some aspects of PVP. We wish to do anything and everything we can in Tamriel and will progress through the story to the endgame as a guild!  We DO NOT have an age requirement to join the guild, however to become a leader one must be no younger than 17 years of age. This guild has a rules and ranking system also viewable on our site that is designed and implemented to keep the Wardens a contender until the servers are closed! The current Wardens we have acquired so far are dedicated to the success of the guild as a whole and as such we will help each other with crafting skills and assistance with leveling and what have you. We do hope to see more members join our ranks very soon! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me on XBL gt Aaron5588 or on the Wardens site.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we shall see you on the battlefield 


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