Activision/Infinity Ward snafu

So I've been trying to follow along the snafu between Infinity Ward and Activision when it happened. And I was under the impression that Activision, holding all the rights to the franchise, basically fired the Infinity Ward staff from the Call of Duty project in its entirety...

...Yet, a couple months before MW3 was released, I learned Infinity Ward was kept on the MW3 project in a limited scope, helping Sledgehammer Games integrate. Makes sense...

...Well now that its said and done, I'm still wondering. Buzz about the new (supposed) Black Ops 2 being announced soon is being made by Treyarch and will be released later this year annually. And no doubt a November 2013 CoD game has already started development. My question is will Infinity Ward still be playing a part in it? I can't find any current information on this. Will IW still be kept around or has full developmental rights been passed onto Sledgehammer?


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That remaining bit of IW will probably still be with the development of the 2013 title. I am curious to see what West and Zampella can do at Respawn with their new studio.

I think a segregated part of IW will help in making their next CoD title. IW has already lost all of its golden boys in the likes of West and Zampella though, so maybe it is just a matter of time before Infinity Ward liquidates and solely becomes a part of the Sledgehammer Games group.

I honestly have no idea how IW is still in business. I have this picture in my head of like 2 guys sitting in their offices doing nothing all day.

I'm not sure but I think that Infinity Ward has potential to make good, balanced games that are also fun and engaging so long as Activison doesn't force out a game from them and they get betas.