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I have an active crew. We are  looking for mature, active players. On Fridays we do things that you cant normally do in a public room like fight clubs, destruction derby, Granger vs cops, etc. We are looking to add up to 10 more players. During the week we do money runs and yes we still know ways of making great sums of cash. We are American based but play in Eastern time zone. We have no problem with people from other countrys, they actually fit our times better than other Amercians. I can only promise one thing.........FUN. So if your a cool person and enjoy GTAO and want to get the most out of this game then please feel free to hit me up in this thread or on x box live. To regular forums goers I apologize for this post but I am having trouble filling a few holes in my crew and have tried other places before making this post.







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Your better off recruiting in-game.  That's how I get new players all the time.  I still have to find that dude that wanted to join my crew.  Him and I were about to play darts.  Time I got there I wasn't host and didn't want to leave so I beat the random.  Then re-entered the darts circle then another person was hosting.  Then third game was a crew member and the other new recruit popped in a different game.

I might have to try that.