Active adult player NO CHEESE... lf active only league(Also making a league)

Prefer fantasy draft online franchise as many normal roster franchises teams are lopsided and it is hard to keep 20+ active people around without the balance of a fantasy draft.

I am open to play normal rosters as well... League must advance at least once every 2 days.

Looking for legit players... not people who put 2 rb's in the backfield replace all of their TE's with backup lineman and run power O for the entire game... or can only do 2 plays the entire game... more than welcome to but you'll get dominated in the end...

Anyways hit me up INGAME plz with a message GT Dzno0tz

I was Commish of 3 online leagues in 10 and 11 all were 20+ active players and all went passed 6 seasons...I would rather not deal with it to be honest but... sometimes you gotta do it yourself...

Also a league that gives out cell #'s would be preferable... Basically send your opponent your cell # so you can text each other a time to play... rather than sitting on all day waiting for them... is always more conveniant... not necessary but im sure adults wouldn't have an issue with this.

Anyways if you have the same preferences as me for a league message me INGAME and if I get a couple responses ill put in the effort of posting a bunch of places and getting a online league going within the next 24 hours..


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40...dud you are young. I am 50 and like you bacame frustrated of the lobby cheese.  Joined the immaturegames site.

Absolutely brilliant community.

HI there folks,


We run sim style leagues for both our PFL league and 2 franchises, the second one is a Fantasy draft league. We have a mixture of guys who are rookie and vet skilled.

We have also just started a community league for those who want to play the game without having to worry about any cheesers or quitters, you  know the lobby style plays you want to avoid?

We've been on the go with madden in the 360 since day one. and our PFL league is now in its 14th season. Our Main franchise has been run at 5 seasons per version of  madden. IN the main franchise we advance monday to wednesday -  thursday to Sunday,basically two games a week.

The fantasy league is also growing at a great rate asmore and more folk get in to it.

If you fancy finding out more, come and join us.

Burnzee Boyee Madden Co ord -

I have one set up. I have 4 in so far. Looking for 8-12 player in all. We are doing a  fantasy. Send Message to my gammertag if you want more info

Check out Franchise just posted above here from Me(Blitz716) Sim and All-pro, 2 games a week been around for 4 yeras Draft for your team Wednesday check the Post ...

set something up guys.....I'd join!

Never done on online franchise, willing to try. older guy (40 yikes). I usually hate online because NOBODY plays normal. I punt on 4th and inches at midfield, I go for FGs, I run multiple plays, I dont go for onside kicks unless end..etc...I think because o f the "cheese" I have quite 1/3 of my games recently..I could care less if I win,,just want normal football