Act V Chapter 6 help

I'm trying to beat this part on insane and could u some help.  Anybody wanna help me with the absurd boss fight real quick?


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Easy way is to get yourself in a standard game on insane then get someone on casual to  hammer of dawn on the boss. Casual player only needs to hit it once and the fights over.

If things do get sticky you can hide around the back of the lift where you come up, enemies wont come at you because of spawn protection and the cover there is indestructible.  It is also a good position to shoot off the enemy hooksas its where they scale the building.

Try doing it by yourself. The way I did it was I stayed in cover while "spotting" her and letting the AI do all the work. All I had to do was use the Hammer of Dawn. I don't think there was no more than 4 Theron guards through the whole process. "Spot" them too. You will be surprised how easy it is.

Yeah, solo was way easier. But If you still need help I'll try it with you after work. Usually on after 7:30pm CST, I have the super reload, instagib and infinite ammo mutators to help as well.

the elevator at spawn. hide behind it :) your welcome