Aconite - where is it?  Have literally completed the entire single player game.  Every treasure found, etc, etc.  No aconite.  Aconite is needed to complete the Medical Shop Quest. 


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It can only be found off the carriers/messenger guys(forgot what they're called) that spawn randomly throughout the game.  A easy way to farm them is to take a tunnel to the thieves guild, then climb on top of the tunnel and face the road heading into that area.  Within a minute or two you should see one of those guys coming down the road, then kill or tackle him.  Then take a tunnel someplace else, then take it back to the thieves guild and repeat until you get it.

If you have the DaVinci DLC, the robed guys that are out to get you carry it along with all the other rare shop quest stuff.

I went through my entire first playthrough (40+ hours) without ever finding aconite. I'm currently on my second playthrough (I raged quit hard on multiplayer and didn't touch the game for months) and just found it on a messenger. It's always a good idea to wait awhile on the theif missions because of the useful items on the Hundred Eye gang.