achivement glitch

I did not get the achivements for bleak falls borrow or glory of the dead after compleating them. also lost some weapons i stored in my chest in brezzehouse in whiterun.



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I am sorry this happened to you. However, I feel like I am missing the intended purpose of this thread?

I also came across an glitch when the game gave me the "Standing Stones"  achivement. When I checked my map I could only find that five of the stones had been discovered.

They've set it to trigger after you travel to Standing Stones thirteen times, which is interesting but, thankfully, not a harmful glitch.

I thought I had completed the Bleak Falls Barrow questline but actually hadn't - the achievement triggers (if I recall correctly) when you talk to the Jarl again or hand over an item .... sorry if I'm a bit vague but basically the achievement trigger isn't when i'd expect it to be so chances are you'll get it eventually.

This actually happened to me as well. I know I did not find 13 Standing Stones but I looked in my stats and it said I found 14. I mean I'm not complaining, but it is weird.

The achievement pops when you hand the Dragon Stone to Farengar (The Wizard.) You don't get it for just completing the dungeon. Did you go back to Whiterun and talk to the Mage?