What do I have to do to get them to unlock? I should have at least five achievements and the ultra challenge. None of them are unlocked.

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I have the same problem. Figured from looking at the list that I should have a couple of achievements by now.

I think you have to buy a certain game pack in order to be able to unlock achievements. Could this be the cause? Is this even true? I'm not sure...

I had a feeling. That's so stupid. You'd think a free game would be free.

I have the ultra pack and got the achievements.

my sister did not buy any characters or packs and did not get any of the achievements after completing them.

I guess the Google that I did today gave me the same answer... Except MS sent me an all-character unlock code. But now I don't know where to get that code... I hope they didn't send it to my 360.

It states in the "meld" (Pressing Y at main menu) that in order to unlock achievements and challenges you have to purchase at lest one extra character