Achievements won't unlock? [Traitor's Keep DLC]

So I've decided to complete Fable 3 and get all the achievements. I had no problems until today. I found all of General Turners and Witchcraft Marys books. I have 5/5 for both, and I've double checked at the keep to see if the books were there and they were. But the achievement 'A Revolutionary Idea' says it's progress is 1/5, and for the 'Lab Notes' achievement it says I have 3/5. Has anyone had the same problems? And does anyone know any way to fix it?


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Had the same problem, got all books and no cheevo's. They appear to be glitched if you have a co-op session beforehand.

Here's my issue...idk if anyone can help...but I played this DLC all the way through...then found out about the today I made a new character and played the game over...didn't take long...but still...isn't something I'd care to do again.  I've played this game like 12  I made sure to make my game unable to be joined as to avoid this problem....and someone joined my game and effed it up.  How?  I had joining off!?  Oh, joy...